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Tea Cup Events provides you with flexibility and the opportunity to customise your event planner with a variety of planning packages. In your initial consultation, we will identify the areas you require assistance with and then determine which package is the most suitable for you based on the number of hours needed. The package will then be tailored to suit your individual needs to create your perfect balance of planning and consultation.

Hourly Consultations                                                                       

Lemongrass Package - 10 Hours of Planning & Consultation 

Peppermint Package - 20 Hours of Planning & Consultation     

Licorice Package - 50 Hours of Planning & Consultation

From sourcing decorations, recommending & confirming suppliers and accompanying you on venue visits, to providing checklists and ensuring you haven't forgotten anything, a planning package offers an array of invaluable Pre-Wedding Day assistance, and gives you the freedom to tailor your event planner to suit your budget.